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Semi Dedicated 2
Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited websites hosted
$30.00 / month

Semi Dedicated 1
Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited websites hosted
$20.00 / month

Explanation of Semi-dedicated Servers

Have you seen “Bandwidth Limit Reached” and other similar error messages when searching the web? If you did and you were a first-time visitor to the site, did you return at a later time for a second peek? Probably not. So, if it was a business site or a shopping web site, stuff like that could be a catastrophe for the particular corporation's business. If you have a web site yourself and experience a situation like this, what are your choices? You could buy a affordably priced semi-dedicated server package, or upgrade to a dedicated hosting server.

Let's take a peek at the first, cheaper solution we offer.

With a semi-dedicated server, you are sharing the server with only a few semi-dedicated server web hosting account holders, instead of hundreds of customers like with an average shared hosting server. This implies that you get more system resources for your websites like hard drive storage space for accommodating your web files, monthly bandwidth for handling your web site visitors and CPU power for running your elaborate applications. So, how do you obtain your semi-dedicated web hosting server? You think that it requires plenty of technical effort and experience to get the server up and running? Well, in fact no!

With us, getting a semi-dedicated server is just like ordering an ordinary shared web hosting plan. You merely select your semi-dedicated server, choosing between HOST AND WORK's 2 semi-dedicated servers. Each semi-dedicated server comes with the company's easy-to-use hosting Control Panel, which will allow you to manage your web presence with simple point & click maneuvers. Both semi-dedicated servers hosting plans from HOST AND WORK include unlimited disk drive space and web traffic allocations and much bigger CPU usage quotas than those included with the ordinary shared hosting web server plans. Additionally, you will get a high amount of MySQL database queries, so you could run more advanced and resource-requiring applications.

A Charge-Free Web Hosting Control Panel Graphical User Interface with Each Semi-dedicated Server

The in-house built, multi-language web hosting Control Panel user interface coming with both semi-dedicated servers, offers a host of site administration tools like a full-featured Domain Manager, an avant-garde Email Manager, an easy-to-use FTP Manager, and many other tools. With each semi-dedicated server, you also receive impressive free-of-cost bonuses integrated into the hosting Control Panel graphical user interface, including HOST AND WORK's PHP Scripts Installer tool and the online Site Studio website building tool. HOST AND WORK makes managing your semi-dedicated hosting server just as easy as managing your websites with a conventional shared hosting user account. There are no account setup taxes and your semi-dedicated server will be set up and completely operational within a maximum of one hour after the signup procedure has been completed. Your semi-dedicated servers hosting account will be backed up by a ninety-nine point nine percent uptime SLA and you can count on HOST AND WORK's 24x7 client care service.

Your website will be nothing without the resources it needs in order to cope with the web traffic flow and your web site visitors' requests. With HOST AND WORK, you will have everything that you require at a very modest price. So, get your semi-dedicated servers hosting plan right now!